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Sethi group of companies is first generation organisation. Headquartered at Bangalore, with diversified business interests encompassing High Quality Luxurious housing projects, Organic Farming, Organic Micro Nutrients, Agriculture Consultation with PAN INDIA presence.

HYQUA - the latest addition to the house of nature supporting business house. HyQua is a hydrogen water. HyQua is a product of the newest technology from Japan. We are proud to share, we are the first company to install the latest, Hydrogenated water plant.

We are now made it a mission to provide pure wellness supportive water to every district under business arrangement with the local participation.

The magic effect of HYQUA – Hydrogenated


HYQUA offers partner to set up the hydrogenated water production units at very interior geographical locations.

HYQUA plant is designed to integrate with the existing water bottling plants.

HYQUA plant can be part of the water supply network and provide the hydrogenated water to large segment of people

HYQUA is also available in smaller packing for retails customers

HYQUA retails customers are encouraged to exchange the used HYQAU bottle to a fresh bottle at a lower price. This helps envoirment and support Swatch Bharat Mission of Govt Of India.
Purification Process
Your HYQUA process and water is unique in all respects. The name itself speaks volume. HY stands for Hydrogen & QUA stands for Water. The implication of the final water is rich in Hydrogen along with other required dissolved minerals and gases which are a MUST of healthy human.

Your HYQUA water processor is designed to adjust and tune the naturally found minerals and gases in water to the beneficial levels for betterment of human health. The process does not deploy or use any external chemical agents or ingredients of any kind.

Your HYQUA purifier is designed on the principals of Physics. Your HYQUA utilizes the physics principals to deliver high quality water which are rich in natural contents. HYQUA CONTENTS.

The source of water is always a question. The source of water of your HYQUA is from local government authority. This ensures the water is free from any kind of major health hazard contents. SOURCE WATER REPORT.

Your HYQUA process ensures the naturally found minerals and gases are tuned to the recommended levels. The dissolved minerals and gases table with the recommended values are provided. WATER COMAPRISIONS.
HYQUA is provided to the hospitality consumer - HOTEL AIRLINES HOSPITALS CORPORATE with silk touch facilities.

Local installation

The large consumers have choice of providing the fresh HYQUA water as and when required or produce just before serving to their clients The HYQUA can be provided with co branding or only customer branding Every HYQUA product delivered with the test certificate as per BIS retirements and guideline. HYQUA is delivered within 24 hours of the production and ensure the product freshness Customer can provide a rotary order in order to keep the fresh stocks for their customers - every day delivery.

HYQUA benefits - click here
Corporate Social Responsibility
HYQUA is the first company to buy back the used bottles from the consumer and provide the financial credit for the same. HYQUA will be helping the Govt of India to be achieve Swatcha Bharat. The used containers will be an input ingredient for making roads with the latest technology. The income generated from the sales of used containers will be utilized in providing education to children at the rural areas.
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