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Sethi group of companies is first generation organisation. Headquartered at Bangalore, with diversified business interests encompassing High Quality Luxurious housing projects, Organic Farming, Organic Micro Nutrients, Agriculture Consultation with PAN INDIA presence.

HYQUA - the latest addition to the house of nature supporting business house. HyQua is a hydrogen water. HyQua is a product of the newest technology from Japan. We are proud to share, we are the first company to install the latest, Hydrogenated water plant.

We are now made it a mission to provide pure wellness supportive water to every district under business arrangement with the local participation.

The magic effect of HYQUA – Hydrogenated

Benefits Of Hydrogen Water
The internet provides host of material from the scientific and laboratory community on the benefits of Hydrogen water - HYQUA. Some of the benefits are listed below and it is also recommended to read more on each of the topic listed below at information sites on Internet.

  • Hydrogen Water is an Antioxidant and Prevents Brain Damage
  • Hydrogen Water May Improve Mood Disorders
  • Hydrogen Water Suppresses Inflammation
  • Hydrogen Water Reduces Muscle Fatigue, Motor Deficits, and Muscle Degeneration
  • Hydrogen Water Prevents Metabolic Syndrome
  • Hydrogen Water May Help in Weight Loss
  • Hydrogen Water Enhances Mitochondrial Function
  • Hydrogen Water Treats Diabetes
  • Hydrogen Water May Treat Metabolic Acidosis
  • Hydrogen Water May Prevent Cancer
  • Hydrogen Water Reduces Side Effects of Cancer Treatments
  • Hydrogen Water Boosts Skin Health
  • Hydrogen Water Enhances Would Healing
  • Hydrogen Water Limits Damage of Transplant Organs
  • Hydrogen Water Improves Bladder Dysfunctions
  • Hydrogen Water is Cardio-Protective
  • Hydrogen Water Protects the Eye
  • Hydrogen Water Prevents Hearing Loss
  • Hydrogen Water Combats Allergy
  • Hydrogen Water Ameliorates Kidney Disease
  • Hydrogen Water Protects the Liver
  • Hydrogen Water Promotes Gut Health
  • Hydrogen Water Protects the Lung
  • Hydrogen Water is Radioprotective
  • Hydrogen Water Relieves Pain
  • Hydrogen Water May Prolong Lifespan
  • Hydrogen Water is Antibacterial and May Promote Oral Health
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